Spy Pen Camera With 32GB Memory Card

Spy Pen Camera With 32GB Memory Card

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Quick Overview

This Pen Looks well-designed and easy to operate & It is great for use as a hidden Normal Pen have Hidden camera records video & audio, Portable Recorder Pen that can cam, spy cam , etc, Micro Cam Recorder is very small, tiny & light weight, Micro Cam recorders Hi Resolution & Real time recording in AVI video format ,Color video and audio lets you clearly see whose there & hear what they say. It is ideal for recording interviews, meetings , personal notes, grocery lists, to do lists.
The Digital Voice Recorder Pen is perfect for Doctors, Executives, Lawyers, Professors, and Students. Now this Pen Add great Advance to your Briefcase now, you don’t need to take bunch of files with you daily. Only keep Pen with you.

-Instant Live Video Recording
-Replace Pen Drive/Files
-Record Real Time Audio/Video Proof
-High Quality
-Hidden Spy camera pen, photo, video
-Voice Recorder
-High Resolution

Works as a USB drive
Up to 48 hours of 640 x 480
Built-in Flash Memory:
32GB (Approx. 28 hours Recording time)
Microphone: Built-in
Real time recording in AVI video format
Weight: 40g
Video compression
AVI video format, 352 x 288
Voice recording
Adaptor type : USB adaptor charging cable
Battery type : Lithium-ion
Internal memory
Video file size;500KB per min
Available Colors: Silver/Black
Playback video on PC